Family Matters. Keep Yours Together
Building a granny annex, or granny flat, is possibly the most caring and sharing way of putting the power of garden buildings to best use. In today’s environmentally conscious world, where we squeeze every penny to within an inch of its life, where taxes keep rising and incomes remain static, and where the demand for housing outstrips supply, we’re all feeling the pressure to fend for ourselves and look after our own.

Our granny annex garden buildings provide fully self-contained, one-bedroomed, living spaces that are warm, comfortable, private and secure. Older relatives can stay within the loving cocoon of the family support network, yet retain that all-important sense of independence.

In days gone by, family generations lived and cared for each other much more than is the norm today. But trends are changing. We’re recognising the strength of the extended family, and seeking out ways of keeping our families together.

Garden homes are the perfect solution. Built to exacting standards, and with a tailor-made service that allows for personalised needs such as disabled access or special fixtures and fittings, the granny annex answers the growing need for a way for extended families to stay together.

They’re cost-effective, too. With a granny annex you avoid high retirement home or nursing home fees, and you can provide private and secure accommodation for carers or nursing staff if they’re needed. In addition, you gain the option to sell no-longer-needed property, freeing up capital and bypassing inheritance taxes.

The granny annex is the perfect garden studio for other family members too.

Teenagers who want to spread their wings but keep a safety net beneath them will appreciate their own living space – while parents keep a loving but distant eye on the young fledglings.

Similarly, grown-up children who’re struggling to get a foot on the property ladder can get a helping hand along with the independence they crave.

Our granny annex also makes a perfectly beautiful summerhouse. Provide overnight visitors with their own private apartment, or entertain garden-party guests in style. With its own bathroom and kitchen, a summerhouse meets the needs of your guests while keeping your main house private.

After your family, your home and garden are your most precious assets. Combining the three with tasteful garden buildings that are both practical and blend perfectly with the existing buildings and land not only makes sound financial sense, it secures your family future.

Take a look at the gallery of photos or browse the FAQ if you’d like more information. If you’d like to talk to us about building your own home from home, please contact us.